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Guangzhou Huadu MSW Sanitary Landfill


Located at Fenshui Tree Farm, Shiling Town, Huadu District of Guangzhou, the Guangzhou Huadu MSW Sanitary Landfill is about 48 kilometers away from city central. It covers an area of 145,200 square meters which within 96,000 square meters of landfill area with over 200 million square meters capacity which is the only landfill in Huadu.

Because of the unsuccessful former pattern, the Urban Management Bureau of Huadu District began to cooperate with Grantop Group since Guangzhou Guangri Recycle Power Development Co.ltd., took charge of the Huadu Landfill on April 4th, 2012.

After taking charge of the Huadu Landfill, Grantop leaders put a great attention to specification for rectification. In 2012, all the 97,000 square meters landfill opened area are covered, 100% leachate and landfill gas were collected, all the safety equipment were set in position, 100% disinfection rate, over 6,000 square meters green plants are planted. Huadu MSW sanitary landfill had been totally different from it used to be. In the same year, for the achievement of operation, safety and environment protection, Huadu MSW sanitary landfill was awarded by the Guanghzou City Management Committee as “Safety Operation Model Unit”.