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Guangzhou Xingfeng MSW Sanitary Landfill

Three First

China’s first super large-scale landfill designed through international bidding and constructed under international standards and norms

China’s first landfill adopting double layer impermeable liner system

China’s first landfill adopting reverse osmosis technology for leachate treatment


Located at the foot of Maofeng Mountain, Baiyun District of Guangzhou, Guangzhou Xingfeng MSW Sanitary Landfill is about 38 kilometers away from the central Guangzhou. It covers an area of 917,000 square meters which within 565,000 square meters of landfill area with over 26 million cubic meters capacity. It is one of the largest daily filling amount landfill in China.

Guangzhou Xingfeng MSW Sanitary Landfill is managed and operated by Guangzhou Guangri Environment Protection Development Company. The Landfill Gas to Energy and CDM Management is operated by Guangzhou Huijing Environment Technology Company.

Guangzhou Xingfeng MSW Sanitary Landfill has won a lot of national awards. Level I of Urban Refuse MSW Sanitary Landfill Detoxification Processing Rank Evaluation Quality Awards of the People’s Republic of China The China Engineering Zhan Tianyou Awards P.R.C 60th Anniversary Top 100 Classics & High-Quality Project in 2009 The Advanced Collective in Guangzhou 2009-2011